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The Halsted Society 


President - Deb Sudan
Past President - Richard Schulick
Vice President - John Mullen
Secretary-Treasurer - Julie Ann Sosa

                                               Board of Directors 
                                               Aurora Pryor, Chair
                                               Andrew Cameron
                                               Gib Upchurch
                                              Membership Committee               
                                              Bo Lovvorn, Chair
                                              Carla Pugh
​                                              Ravi Radhakrishnan
                                              Program Committee 
                                              Amy Lu, Chair
                                              Anneke Schroen
                                              Kakra Hughes
                                              Audit Committee 
        Giorgios Karakousis, Chair
​                                              Tracy Wang
                                              Chris Anderson
                                              Michael Nussbaum
The Halsted Society ®  
55 Fruit Street, White 506, Boston MA 02114
Telephone:  617-724-7524
Furthering the Scientific Principles
and Surgical Ideals of 
Doctor William Stewart Halsted