"Edward D. Churchill – Father of the Modern, 'Rectangular' Surgical Residency"
John T. Mullen, M.D.
"'and The Man Sitting' or William Stewart Halsted and the Beginnings of Actinography"

Stephen I. Schabel, M.D.
"Owen Wangensteen, Jerome Urban, and the Hunt for Extraaxillary Lymph Node Metastases from Breast Cancer"
Todd M. Tuttle, M.D.
"It's 'All in the Family' Surgeons-and Others- Operating on Themselves and Family Members"
Stephen I. Schabel, M.D.
"Saceros Filius Physicians Sons and Grandsons of Clergymen"

Stephen I. Schabel, M.D.
Past Historical Presentations
"The Halsted Society - The Early Years"
William Baumgartner, M.D.
"Johns Hopkins Medical School Graduation 1914 and Otto E. Utzinger"
Norman M. Rich, M.D.
"Halsted Society Gavel"
Mary C. McCarthy, M.D.
"The Murder of James King and Its Impact on the First Medical Schools of the Pacific Coast"
George Yang, M.D.
"Horace Smithy"
Fred Crawford, M.D.
The Halsted Society
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"Frank Nicholls, M.B., F.R.S. and the
Autopsy of King George"

Abe DeAnda, Jr., M.D.

"African American Surgeons in the South
After WWII - Separate ... But Equal?"

David Mahvi, M.D.

"Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia
Their Impact on Medicine in the 
Developing Nation"

Reid B. Adams, M.D.

"The Prince of Surgery: 
Sir Astley Paston Cooper"

R. Stephen Smith, M.D.

"Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and 
Principles of Surgery: 
Understanding the Rules of Improvisation"

John C. Alverdy, M.D.